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RV&OI Comics #-1

Registered Issues

Each issue of RV&OI Comics #-1 is individually numbered. The following is a list of copies of RV&OI Comics #-1 that have been voluntarily registered at this website using that unique serial number. See where copies have been found as Retrovirus and Opportunistic Infection trek across the United States, littering the country with their funnybooks.

Have you registered your copy today?

Serial # Location Found City and State Date
29 Men's room, Red Lobster Clarksville, IN September 19, 2003
120 Table in Coffee Conspiracy Berea, KY December 10, 2003
133 Payphone outside Heine Brothers Coffee Louisville, KY January 12, 2004
137 On windshield of my car in State Capitol parking garage Frankfort, KY. January 15, 2004
214 On the steps of the Glyndon Motel Richmond, KY July 13, 2003
317 Laying on Daniel Boone's Grave Frankfort, KY January 19, 2004
318 Men's room, Boone Tavern Berea, KY January 21, 2004
333 Inside a map rack at a Texaco Station Grenada, TN July 24, 2003
359 Tucked inside issue of Louisville Magazine, Carmichael's Bookstore Louisville, KY February 2, 2004
361 Inside a bucket of peanuts at a Logan's Roadhouse Baton Rouge, LA July 31, 2003
404 Behind some bushes near Model Lab School Richmond, KY January 19, 2004
652 On windshield of car Lexington, KY October 11, 2003
688 Taped to parking meter, Main Street Newport, KY November 23, 2003
922 Inside a motel coupon guide at the Kentucky Welcome Center Near Franklin, KY December 29, 2003