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issue 1
Original color cover
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CONTENTS: "Episode I" (adaptation of The Retrovirus and Opportunistic Infection Saturday Morning Cartoon Show episode #174 "Pilot")

NOTES: Published in five different color covers as well as an alternate full-color cover edition. A limited edition "collectors set" was offered at the time this book was released, featuring all six covers as well as an extremely rare "ashcan" white cover edition and an exclusive AUTOGRAPHED and NUMBERED cover signed by Opportunistic Infection, and sealed in laminated plastic.

COMMENTARY: No one happened to mention to Opportunistic Infection that when "numbering" a cover, one usually numbers in sequential order. Actual publishing numbers have never been disclosed, although at least four collectors sets exist.

REVIEW: By J. Todd Dockery
Taken from Creeps HQ, 11-29-2001
I thought I'd probably be contracting anthrax when I spied the envelope containing the new funny book from Moist Doorknob Comics in my mailbox. Instead, I got something much worse.

This book takes the primitive animation of the online RV & OI cartoon and cavemans it down to an even more primitive expression as a comic book on dead tree matter. I laughed out loud, the same way I did when first viewing the animated versions, but in different sections for different reasons.

This project is like a collector's DVD, something approaching the obtuseness of the double disc DVD of John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China. Like all RV & OI projects, you walk a fine line between brilliance and utter retardation. Between finesse and over-stating the obvious. Supposedly there are several versions of this book, produced by poor souls who are suspected latent Marvel zombies...different covers, coloration, and so on, yet I have yet to notice a mailing address for Moist Doorknob Comics contained anywhere in the context of the book. I'd tell you how to order it, but I don't know how. I give it two big thumbs up my own ass. I look at this book, and weep in the privacy of my own toilet.

Availability: All variations of the first and second printings are sold out. A third printing was published in August 2002, with a single color cover (light neon pink). This printing is also available as a limited edition autographed version.

(Please note that in the scans of the third printing cover images, the difference in the color of the cover is due to our scanner. Also, if you happen to obtain an autographed copy, there ARE many variations in how RV and OI autographed each book, and it probably will not look like the copy that we have pictured on this page.)

issue 1 alternate
Alternate color cover
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issue 1 third printing
Cover of the third printing
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issue 1 third printing autographed version
Third printing, autographed version
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