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issue 2
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CONTENTS: "The Evil Plan of Mr. Liquid Paper Head!"

SUMMARY: The Golden Flake Man and Mr. Liquid Paper Head (two characters who have appeared in songs by RV&OI) do battle.

NOTES: Published with a full color cover.

COMMENTARY: This issue was published shortly after issue #1 by an overly zealous Moist Doorknob Comics and was largely overlooked by fans and retailers. The issue sold out almost immediately but Moist Doorknob Comics has no plans to reprint it. It is interesting to note that the cover has absolutely nothing to do with the contents of the issue.

REVIEW: By Horatio Melba
Publisher, Pusm Online.
The second issue of Retrovirus and Opportunistic Infection's comic book takes an unusual turn. After a first issue containing an adaptation of a three year old internet cartoon, this issue features a brand new story that, as far as I know, has never been seen anywhere else. Even more unusual is the fact that RV and OI themselves hardly appear in the issue at all.

The spotlight is on the Golden Flake Man and Mr. Liquid Paper Head, two characters who have previously appeared in songs bearing their names as performed by RV & OI. This issue marks the first time these characters have been depicted in a visual form, which may or may not be like you expect (think about Powdered Toast Man from the old Ren and Stimpy cartoons taken to the next illogical level, and then back off a bit -- that's the best I can do). The two characters are apparently arch enemies (something we are apparently supposed to know), and in this story they meet, fight each other, and the battle ends in a draw. It's all pretty standard silly superhero stuff.

The artwork is perhaps the most jarring in this issue. After a first issue of crudely drawn stick figures, we have fully rendered musclebound heroes and detail! At times, it's surreal, and at other times, it's really bad surreal. Imagine Steve Ditko trying to draw "Rex Morgan, M.D." It's obvious that the artist was trying to drop some homages or easter egss into the mix (I think I caught something pertaining to "Land of the Giants," but some others allude me). The art is uncredited, but we must assume that RV and OI had a hand in it. At some points, it's really anatomically bad, but what comic books aren't?

RV and OI serve as background characters in a brief two panel cameo (and the only time when the artwork reverts back to the cartoony style of the first issue). Their appearance is largely inconsequential, although OI does something rather disturbing with a water hose (which I guarantee people will be talking about for some time).

And why, oh why, were the Golden Flake Man and Mr. Liquid Paper Head not portrayed on the cover, since they occupy the majority of the book?

It makes one wonder what future issues of this title will be like ... will we be seeing more adaptation of the cartoon show (like the last issue), will we get superhero stories (like this issue), or will they switch styles completely in the next issue? The bus is leaving the station, and I can't quite see the road ahead.

Availability: Sold out.

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