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Super Special #1 cover A

Super Special #1 cover B

ISSUE: Super Special #1


CONTENTS: "Midnight Drinkin'", a brand-new story featuring RV and OI celebrating the new year in a bar in Covington, KY. Features a special cameo appearance by Grillo as the bartender.

NOTES: Published in the "mini-comic" format (the same as issue #-1), measuring approximately 2.75 inches by 4.25 inches. This comic is being distributed by RV and OI themselves, as they are leaving them behind at various venues during their travels.

The issue also contains a web address for a "secret" RV&OI website that contains links, music files, and other RV&OI stuff.

There are two different front covers (see images on the left) as well as two different back covers (each featuring a two-panel gag strip).

The first printing was run on four different color covers, so there are 16 different cover variations when you combine colors and the front and back covers. Finding all 16 versions is an extreme challenge, as RV and OI's distributon methods are unpredictible. There also exists a very rare, limited-edition version of the first print that was run entirely on light blue cardstock.

COMMENTARY: This comic is intended to supercede RV&OI Comics issue #-1 as a basic introduction to RV and OI.

REVIEW: None yet.

AVAILABILITY: Currently available and can be found wherever RV and OI have been.

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